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Our Cast.

Meet our amazing Artistic Team!

Gospel 4 Teens is not merely an aggregation of talented singers:

it is an explosion of this generation's passion and energy!

Under the guidance of the one and only Pastor Ron Ixaac Hubbard,

this group is ready to share their passion with the entire world!

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Ronald Hubbard II

Our Team.

Meet our amazing Team!

Ron Ixaac Hubbard

Artistic Director


Ronald Ixaac Hubbard is unrelenting in his passion for Christ and sharing the joy that comes from a relationship with Him with others.  The zeal, knowledge and power he brings to ministry is unprecedented. He is a highly  gifted and experienced preacher and teacher of the Gospel.


Called to preach at the age of ten (10), Ron found solace in searching the Scriptures and scouring his father’s Bible commentaries.  On June 14, 1986, with his father Bishop Robert L. Hubbard Sr. approval, the eleven year old delivered his trial sermon, “Ready for the Rapture.” His amazing expository, replete with Hebrew and Greek translations, confirmed his calling and impressed the critics.


The ambition he demonstrated has set the stage for his current evangelistic pursuits.  Pastor Ron (as he affectionately called) is a widely sought after evangelist, prophet, teacher and psalmist; invitations from around the world consistently pour into the office of Ron Ixaac Hubbard Ministries (RIHM) offering him the opportunity to spread the gospel.​

Pastor Ron is the founder of 4 Real Church in Cleveland, Ohio and Senior Pastor Faith Community Worship Center in Euclid Ohio. He was ordained under the leadership of Bishop Luther Blackwell, Senior Pastor of Mega Church in Cleveland, Ohio, and appointed Overseer by Bishop J. Delano Ellis. 

On the other side of things Pastor Ron has also enjoyed a lively career in the fine arts. Pastor Ron has been performing since he was a child.  Having grown up in a musically gifted performing family, his destiny as a performer was sealed from his birth.  Although the term of “triple-threat” has been applied to Pastor Ron, others have taken it one step further to elaborate that he is indeed a “quadruple-threat” as not only can he sing, dance and act, but he is an award acclaimed composer as well.  His exuberance for life is resonated in his movement, vocal abilities as well as intense acting.

Pastor Ron with his siblings, Robert, Jr., Rodney, and Victoria, have gone on to enjoy careers in every aspect of the music industry.  He and his brother Rodney composed the song “You Are God Alone”, which was recorded by national recording artist, Marvin Sapp and was nominated for a Stellar Award and was chosen to be a part of the platinum selling “WOW Gospel 2005”. Ron also has established a gospel entertainment company named ‘GospelNation LLC’.  GospelNation has successfully partnered with ‘Alma Music Project’ which is based in Milan, Italy and together they frequent many European countries sharing the beauty and life that is Gospel Music. His song entitled “All Things” was recently selected by Bishop T. D. Jakes to be on the 2016 Live Recording of The Potters House. He also owns and operates Brecksville Music Studio in Brecksville, Ohio.

Pastor Ron's most celebrated accomplishment is being the father of four incredible children - Raina, Rielle, Raja, and Ronald II.


Pastor Ron is just beginning to flourish in his calling.  During the few rare moments he has to sit still, Pastor Ron is constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to use his gifts to the Glory of God.  He is a man who lives the Vision.


Touching Heaven…Changing Earth!

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